The easiest way to help your sales reps
to reach their targets

Project Target gives you a unique, easy-to-use, sales tracking system that projects targets in real time and leads all sales processes until planned goals are met.

Manage everything in one place

Sales management is better when it's visual. Dashboards are a method of measuring sales performance from a birds-eye view. They help measure key metrics and individual teams or team members.


Users are a core resource of every organization.

Providing them with real-time information about their personal achievements, as well as on their team’s performances – makes them more focused on what they need to do.

How to insert your users in Project Target you can check in video explainer.


Improve real-world organization. Manage sales departments, employees, and their cooperation more efficiently.

See how it looks in Project Target.


In the Products module you can create product groups and products. You can track which product is selling the most, and which department or user is most effective with a particular product group and product.

Watch the video explainer on the example.

Targets / Calendar

In targets module, sales reps can track their daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly goals. Targets are the most important thing in our system because they keep sales reps focused all the time.

Watch the video and see how you can set targets to your users properly.


Sales are the most important input for the system. Sales data is the basis for target recalculation. Furthermore, each sale provides plenty of information that is used later on for different kinds of reporting – which gives a better understanding of an organization’s performance in general.

In video explainer, you can see how it looks like.

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Different periods
Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly / Annually

Different versions
An unlimited number of versions are available e.g. Basic & Master Goal

Different target recalculations
With real-time sales data and machine learning algorithm, Project Target is able to foresee targets for future time periods. The software can be customized to address each client’s specific business needs.

Different product groups
Focus on different products separately, rather than on cumulative sales (optional)


Different types of reports provide different perspectives and offer a clearer picture of how well the organization is hitting its targets.

Valid information contributes to better business decisions.

Sales: Value, Quantity
Key Performance Indicators: Efficiency, Average deal, Closing percentage, Difference


Project Target encourages sales forces to compete – especially if there is a special prize for the winners.


In the settings module, users can adjust various things to use the Project Target application such as appearance and permissions.

3-month free Trial version

No credit card required